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“Very knowledgable and supplied with good quality supplements. I’ve come all the way from Salinas to see him due to a good friends’ referral. Still treating with him so hoping for overall good final results. Already feeling much better though! Thanks Charlie Savoca!”

— Celly C. (Salinas, CA)

“I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for several years.  Recently,  I hurt my lower back and was in acute pain.  I was recommended to this office and boy am I grateful I went!  I am  80-90 percent better in just 2 visits. I recommend giving Charles a try if you are in pain!”

— Laura L. (Soquel, CA)

Thank you Charlie for treating my back injuries, headaches, and knee. I felt comfortable with you treating me and the communication we had about my issues and you always found it. I found confidence in your treatments.”

— Julie L. (Lebanon,OR)

He really helped me with my pain caused by a work injury. He is very knowledgeable! I recommend him to anybody looking for pain management alternatives.”

— Krysi L. (Seaside,CA)

“My two-year old daughter has had a chronic case of eczema since she began eating solid foods. It became particularly bad when she ate anything with gluten, dairy, nuts, or sugar (including the natural sugar in fruits). Her pediatrician was no help, simply providing me with prescription after prescription. Her allergist (M.D.) was dismissive, as she did not test positive to the foods that I knew exacerbated her skin condition.

“I took her to a nutritionist; $2000.00 worth of testing and supplements only made her worse. A friend recommended Charlie to me.

“When we began, I was burned out and skeptical. After only 4 treatments with the Nano SRT, I was thrilled. My daughter’s skin is completely clear and she is able to eat small amounts of the foods that used to immediately trigger her eczema. I don’t quite understand how the treatments work, but seeing the look on my daughter’s face as she eats the foods that everyone else is eating has made me realize that it doesn’t matter if I get it or not. It is working for her.”
— Susan V.

“I have a history of food allergies. I had indigestion, constipation, malabsorption of nutrients and vitamins, bloating, and sometimes stomach pain. Now I am able to digest my foods better and no more gas, pain, or bloating.”
— Ana Marie R.

“I have a history of asthma. Two and and a half years ago I was treated with the Nano SRT Bax3000. During the treatment, there was very little improvement but as time went on, improvement continued. Since then, I have dropped all four of my asthma meds… I had been on asthma medications for over 30 years and had two hospitalizations.

“Recently I started having a runny nose and sneezing. Annoyed, I feared it might indicate asthma would reoccur. The runny nose and sneezing have subsided… this time during, not after, the treatment series to my surprise. I had symptoms rated at an 8 (on a 0 to 10 scale). I’m down to about a 2 now at the end of a series of 10 visits and I am delighted! It’s wonderful to be past the much-too-drippy nose stage, and even better, not to be worrying about the asthma recurrence.
Judging by my earlier experience, I’ll continue to improve now that the treatments are over.”
— Ann F.

“I came to the AllegiCare Center with severe allergic symptoms as well as full blown painful fibromyalgia. The allergies had grown to include almost everything and I was taking prescription and non-prescription medications with no relief.

“Within 2 weeks I was getting light relief. Finally, over the next few treatments most all severe symptoms had abated. Surprisingly the fibromyalgia improved also. So much improved! I feel strong, less depressed, anxious, as well as most of th pain has diminished.”
— Rani A.

“I have had seasonal allergic rhinitis for 30 years. Every Spring my nose had been congested and my head felt like a watermelon. I could not think straight. I went through a series of treatments with not much change at first. But within 36 hours of being treated for tree pollen (and in particular Cypress tree pollen), my nose and head entirely cleared up for the rest of the season. It is a huge relief. I had been suffering for years.”
— David W.
(Practitioner note: 2 years later, his symptoms had not returned during his “bad” allergy season).

“I came to the AllergiCare clinic with a history of eczema brought on by a stressful time period and allergies going out of control. To this date (after a series of treatments) all eczema has gone and I anticipate that I will enjoy this relief the rest of my life!”
— Terra

“I have a history of food and environmental allergies. Symptoms included chronic sinus drainage, occasional sinus inflammation, coughing, itchy eyes and ear canals. Sleep was often impaired.

“Since the Allericare treatments, my sinuses have cleared remarkably. This year (2010) has been the largest, heaviest allergy season in many years and my only complaint is an occasional runny nose. Most nights I sleep all night with no interruption from sinus problems or coughing. I can eat many foods that I wasn’t able to before. I have much more energy now as a result of not fighting allergies all night and sleeping much better.”
— Victoria K.

“I came to the Allergicare Center to be treated for a history of mold/fungus exposure issues. My symptoms included fungal overgrowth throughout my body, so general feeling of being “off”, large toenails discoloration, scalp rash, cough from fungus in the lungs. I was very sensitive to mold odors, and would get sick if around it even for a little while.

“My body didn’t want to address fungus/mold issues at first (Practitioner Note: through kinesiology testing) so we worked on a series of basic treatments for building up my foundation. I felt a healing crisis after a couple of sessions, but also more energized and in better balance after a couple of more as well. In general, I feel I have jumped a hurdle and am healing on several levels. I definitely felt a change for the better from the treatments.”
— Susan J.

“I came to the AllergiCare clinic looking for relief from my allergies. My symptoms were sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and headaches. I rarely sneeze anymore. My headaches are gone and my nose rarely runs. My allergies are gone and it is wonderful.”
— Carrie R.

“Over many years I went to a variety of doctors to find out why I was coughing so much. Some people said my problem was sinus, and then bronchitis, another lung and another asthma. I figured I had all of these problems all at the same time.

“I would not take the drugs that they offered me because I wanted a cure. My cough lasted 33 years! When I learned about Charlie’s laser treatments (NRG IES) for allergies, I wanted this cure. Shots and drugs never made sense to me. I’m for building my immune system, not destroying it. Thank you Charlie for being open to inspiration to do this work you are doing.What a change and relief I am experiencing.”
— Sandra H.

“I’ve had dairy and almond allergies for 20 years. Dairy made my left foot swell where a neuroma was removed. When it’s really bad I got pain up my left leg (shin), even with butter.
Almonds gave me a 3-day migraine (right side), evident with only 2 almonds. Another migraine trigger was alcohol. Tomatoes (nightshade) gave me joint pains in my right hand.

“Now, I can eat any amount of almonds and dairy (and I do!). Almonds now are gobbled up handfuls at a time. I used to get migraines on an average of every 8-9 days. I recently had a 6-week absence from any migraine, then had a mild one.”
— Joanna J.

“My daughter has had severe allergies to dairy since birth, manifesting as very bad eczema behind one of her ears. This condition has been chronic. Her ear itched, bled, and crusted over and there was an odor as well.

“Although the condition has not yet disappeared totally (Practitioner Note: after only 3 treatments), it has improved incredibly! There is very little irritation in the effected area and we are very happy!
— Anna V.