Functional Medicine

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The focus of Functional Medicine is on patient-centered care, promoting health and enhancing the vital energy of the individual.

The functional medicine approach addresses the underlying causes of chronic disease and goes beyond just treating isolated signs or symptoms. By recognizing that chronic disease or symptoms are often the result of declining function in one or more of the body’s systems, functional medicine is able to uncover causal factors often overlooked in the disease-model approach to medicine.

We will often utilize specialized lab tests and other diagnostic techniques. Below are our standard tests.

Adrenal Stress Testing

Which may underlie fatigue, lowered immunity, inflammatory disorders, and other stress-related, chronic diseases.

Hormone Panels

Peri-menopause and post-menopause
Cycling female hormone panel
Male hormone panel

Functional Blood Chemistry Evaluations

Comprehensive panels to assess physiological function and metabolism

Neurotransmitter Testing

To address issues such as sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, poor mental performance and attention disorders, appetite changes.Neurotransmitter testing measures key biomarkers unique for each patient.

Gastrointestinal Health Tests

To assess GI function, food intolerances, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Pathogen identification (bacteria, parasite, yeast ), and Dysbiosis

Organic Acids Test

To access urine metabolites to evaluate four critical areas of metabolism: gastrointestinal function, cellular and mitochondrial energy production, nuero-transmitter processing and amino acid/organic acid balance influenced by vitamin and mineral co-factors.

Cyrex Labs Gluten Tests

Evaluate Gluten intolerance, Gluten-associated cross-reactive foods, Intestinal permeability (LGS), Chemical Immune reactivity.

Functional medicine is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach that recognizes each person’s biochemical individuality. Through individualized nutrition, dietary modification, supplementation, botanical medicine, detoxification of environmental toxins, lifestyle changes and stress-reduction, chronic conditions are unraveled and optimal health is attained.