About Us


• Allergies Specialist NAET and Nano SRT
• Immune Disorders
• Pain Management
• Injuries and Auto accidents
• Nutritional Evaluation (Nutrition Response Therapy)
• NEI certified by NeuroScience,Inc.
• Functional Medicine including lab testing


• Graduate Five Branches Institute 1987Established practice 1988
• 25 years experience in Acupuncture & Herbology
• NAET training in allergy elimination with Dr. Nambudripad 2001
• Nano SRT (Stress Reduction Therapy) for Allergies & Immune Disorders
• Functional Endocrinology and Blood Chemistry studied with Datis Kharrazian
• Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese style Acupuncture
• Dr. Tan Acupuncture techniques
• Master Tong Acupuncture
• NEI certified by NeuroScience, Inc.